Have you heard of CrossFit and don’t have a clue of what it entails? Let me briefly explain it to you. It is a form of high intensity training that optimizes the ten recognized fitness zones which are, strength, power, speed, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, accuracy, balance plus cardiovascular and respiratory endurance. It has also been known to be one of the fastest-growing fitness movements.

CrossFit incorporates many highly technical movements that are done dynamically and explosively. Moves like squats, deadlifts, shoulder presses, snatches, cleans, pull ups, push ups, box jumps and wall balls are very common in the trainings.

I was first exposed to CrossFit training in 2013, when I bought a training package from a fitness company called BodyCamp. During my short time of following their workout regime, they happened to organize a training session for us as a treat from a CrossFit box called CrossFit Basement that I currently train.

I am the kind of person who loves to optimize on strength and conditioning when doing my training, and when I came in contact with CrossFit, I knew I had found my passion. Like any other training movements, CrossFit has had its critics. However, the reality is, highly technical exercises when performed without proper guidelines can be dangerous. What is required is a good coaching and a strong foundation in the technique of your desired training programme.

Before embarking on my CrossFit journey early this year, my desire was to give my training a little twist. I wanted something challenging than what I was already doing that would make me surpass my goals. Before this, I just did the movements robotically to finish a number of reps, and to put a tick on my training dairy that the set and the training for that day was completed. This meant, I was missing out on that full energetic release and experience that I’m currently getting from CrossFit.

The reason why I love CrossFit is, I have a more healthier approach to fitness. Before I used to focus a lot on my physical appearance rather than performance but now it’s the reverse.
Currently what matters to me, is mastering lifting with proper technique, and how effective I complete a WOD “workout of the day”.

The main point I would like you to derive from this post is, focus on performance and your physique will mould itself.

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Photo Credit: Erkko Manninen

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Nina Ochogo