This is one of those topics that I can’t seem to write enough about. We all have a tendancy to be distracted sometimes and that’s a fact of life.

There are many of us that suffer from ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder). It is a medical condition that causes people not to focus. We all want ways to beat distraction, so that we can keep winning in every aspect of our lives.


One of the things that causes most of us not to be focused as we ought to be on our fitness journey is, we are distracted by other people’s journeys, then all of a sudden, your opinion of what fitness should look like is influenced by somebody else.
If  not careful, one can be taunted by their success and become easily intimidated by it.
If we continue to rationalize by comparing ourselves to other people, we’ll never be at peace about anything. Nothing will ever be good enough. You have to remember that somebody will always have something that is cooler than yours. Somebody is going to have a bigger car than yours, sexier eyes than yours *laughing*, more degrees than yours, better shape of this or that than yours, and you have to learn to work with the skin you are in, or you will be miserable in life. We can’t afford to be distracted, because distraction robs us the ability, to be the best we can.

The second reason is that we want to get results without going through the process.
You will only find greatness, when you have learnt to maximize smallness. By that I mean, it is the small things that you decide to do on daily basis, that are moving you towards your bigger goals that counts. Whatever you give yourself to, is what will give itself back to you.
We have to be ready to put in the work that lies before us. I can’t be more clear than this: If you put in big, you’ll get big out. If you sow bountily, you will reap bountily. If sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly. This is true of everything. You can’t get more withdrawals, than you make deposits and it’s all up to you.
The reason you might not be getting good returns in your fitness and health journey, is because you put in a little debt in your training, nutrition and sleep. A little debt in this and that will give you just a little debt back.

What you need to start doing now, is to focus on the things that are more central to taking you where you want to go.

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Nina Ochogo


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