Three simple values that will keep you winning in your fitness journey

Three simple values that will keep you winning in your fitness journey


1. Desire

First and foremost, I would like to let you know, that I have not always been the fit person I am today.

My journey into fitness began ten years ago, when a fitness magazine found its way into my hands and since then my life changed completely. I personally know and believe that if we have just a little hope in the future, it will have a tremendous effect on our performance in the present. We can all change if we don’t like where we are, but we really have to want it for ourselves.
A lot of times, we don’t have people who require for us to do things, but if we want to get the most out of life, then we have to require those things of ourselves. When I started off in this journey, I had a great desire to be fit and  feel fit, so I went into it with full gear. I knew that for things to change, I had to change. Also for things to get better, I had to get better. I remember the first thing I did was investing my money into gym attires and training shoes and  I kicked off immediately. I wanted it so badly that I did not procrastinate at all when it was time to get started. Since my first day of  training I’ve never missed any planned workout unless I’m sick.

2. Determination

When I was getting started my end goal was to look as fit as those females in the fitness magazines. I was not happy with the way I looked and my condition was aweful. All I desired at that point was change, which I was ready to go to any level to make it come through. My goals at the beginning were very basic. I just wanted to be able to do just one good push-up some day, increase my number of air squats, sit ups and just run a little bit longer. I knew that this will require a lot of hard work and determination. I had to make some tough changes and device a plan on how to make my goals a reality. The hardest change at that moment was when I decided that my trainings will have to be the first thing to be done every morning then everything else will follow. It was not easy at first, but looking back now it has paid off tremendously. Till this day I still get up naturally at 5:00 am without any struggle. Amoung many other benefits that I thoroughly enjoy from starting my days early in the mornings, is that I don’t get to rush through my days as I did in my early years. This has been such an experience for me. It is with this that I learnt that life is easy when you are tough on yourself, but if you are easy on yourself then life can be enourmously tough.  Currently I do crossfit five times a week in which most of the times my trainings are in the mornings. On days that my work starts early in the mornings, I make some adjustments regarding my trainings.  Since this journey has no end, I always raise the bar with every goal that I achieve and stay long enough until I achieve the next one and then do it all over again.


3. Persistance

Nowadays people have a great need to reach their desired goals too easily and too fast. But we need to remember it is difficult to be successful in this path or other aspects of life when things are too easy. A lot of work will be required in the process and we need to fall in love with the work itself. Work if loved makes the whole journey sweet, purposeful and fruitful. Of course there will be some obstacles that you will have to overcome to get there but then again that is life by itself. In whatever big you want to achieve you will encounter some stumbling blocks and this is why it is vital to have a great desire in order to reach your the final destination, and with this you will draw the strength to persist during the entire process.

Along the way a lot of people are going to be nice to you and many are going to get in your way during the process. This is the reason I will keep saying you have to want to succeed. This thing called desire is very important. That is what will determine whether you will win or what you are willing to do to stay on the course during critical moments in your life. The rewards you get from doing the right things to get you towards your goals will be immeasurable.

The reason why some of us succeed and some fail in this journey is determined by the small steps we choose to take. I have come to realize that many people don’t want to get started because they don’t believe they can actually reach their goals. They know they have the ability to change, but they either do not take the required steps or get into it with a mentality of just wanting to try it out to see if it will work out for them. The best advice I can offer you is that if you decide to get started, you have to stay in it until you get your desired results. After that, all you will need is just a small steady effort to keep you going.


Lastly I want to encourage you not to give up on yourself too soon as tempting as it may be most of the times. You might have tried and failed several times along the way but that does have to stop you from continuously persuing your goals and trying different ways. I stumbled on a quote 10 years ago by Zig Ziglar reading “failure is an event, it is not a person, yesterday ended last night, today really is a new day” and it spoke life to me. By that I mean, I chose to make friends with my past. I never start a new day with regrets from yesterday. I choose to perform better each day than I did on the previous one. Sometimes things will not go as I had planned but most of the time it surely does especially when my daily goals are clear.

I hope that you will be able to draw some lessons from this values that have worked positively for me.

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